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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, My name is Mellisa and I am a mother to 3 beautiful children.

Babycarejunction is a place for you first as a mommy and second as a woman too.

I wish someone told me Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect when i got my first child. but with time i’ve learned that its a step by step journey thats filled with lots of flaws and precious memories too.

I have learnt what it takes to safely raise kids who are self reliant without going nuts and with little worry.

This blog tackles topics such as motherhood for first-time mommies and also parents who have kids in different life stages.

My whole philosophy is to make moms’ lives easier by discussing various topics such as self-care, first-time mommy knowledge, pregnancy, baby product reviews, Family topics, travel, and creative and fun activities to try with your kids.

I hope to encourage mothers with uplifting ideas on all things motherhood as well as tips for cultivating your personal health and lifestyle.

If you are looking for some awesome Swahili baby names or baby Products that help to make home safe and secure for kids and toddlers then you’re in the right place

This Blog is a real-life mommyhood lifestyle resource and a modern mom survival guide for new moms so that you can work your way through the hard days and enjoy the good ones. Expect to find some comedic gems on here!

My goal with my blog is to reach out to all parents and also to share my story, my favorite baby products that have come in hand on my journey to get where I am now, new baby products that will continue to inspire me and maybe inspire others to start their own journey to a better self.

So, I will let you explore and find out more without keeping you here. I hope you enjoy what you find and I hope what you get from this helps you in some way or another.

Believe in YOU. Because YOU are what matters. Focus on YOU and everything else will come together.

Thank you for taking the time to start your journey and helping me continue mine.

Feel free to talk to me Here.

Let it be ours Together! – Mellisa