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Top 101 Things To Do Before Having A Baby

101 Things To Do Before Having a Baby

Hey having a baby doesn’t last forever, in no time a baby will turn into a toddler and then a child to become a teenager and then a young adult.

So the moment you decide to have a kid means that you will be setting your own needs

and desires on the back seat and that your child will become a priority

That said, it is a good idea for all potential parents to make an educated and personalized BUCKET LIST of things to do before conceiving a child and to try to fulfill as many things as possible on that list prior to conceiving because upon conception there’s absolutely no turning back to a more carefree time.

At least some of the things one might’ve wanted to do in life will be hugely difficult (if not impossible) to accomplish with a child or children in tow, so it’s best to savor the childless time and to make good use of it; having done so usually results in increased contentment as a parent.

The possibilities for such a Bucket List are apparently countless, ranging from simple things like appreciating the fact that one has privacy in the bathroom to more obvious freedoms such as one’s pre-child relative ability to nonchalantly travel the world if so desired.

In addition to these 101 things, you should definitely have health insurance before trying to get pregnant, because those medical bills are outrageous. That is another thing I did before having a baby and, after my complicated delivery, I was very thankful for it.


These are the 101 Things To Do Before Baby:

1 Beach vacation with your significant other

Enjoy a relaxing vacation on the beach carefree without having to chase after a child. Lay in the sand and listen to the waves. Go swimming and snorkeling with your best friend.

2 Travel abroad

I wish my husband and I could have gone to Germany to see his extended family before being burdened by childcare expenses. We wanted to travel throughout Europe unencumbered, but now we will have to wait until we are a little more financially secure.

3 Get in shape

You will need your strength once you get pregnant, and it’s difficult to try to get in shape when first-trimester exhaustion hits. I am g

lad that I was in pretty good shape but I wish my body was stronger before getting pregnant.

4 Establish a good exercise routine

Having an established routine makes it so much easier to stay in good physical condition throughout your pregnancy. I wish I had done this because it was so hard to fit in exercise when I was not used to it.

5 Learn/start a hobby

My husband and I had so much fun collecting coins when I was pregnant. When you are carrying around a 25-pound beach ball you are not really in the mood to do much else. We also would put together huge puzzles on the dining room table.

6 Balance your budget

This something everybody needs to do anyway, but preparing for a baby is a good excuse to actually get it done. I am so glad we did because we needed to know exactly what was coming in and going out. Stop frivolous spending before having children.

7 Get married


Of course, this isn’t for everyone I understand, but I am so glad to have a supportive husband during such a major event in life. I have gone through so many changes emotionally and physically that I couldn’t have handled without him next to me (I don’t handle any type of change very well).

8 “Buy” a house

This is another point specific to me. Owning a home isn’t for everyone, but I had the white picket fence dream like most little girls and I am glad we had a well-established home to bring our baby girl into.

9 Learn about all childbirth options

You will want to know everything! I am so glad I did all of the research into childbirth and made an informed decision. No matter which way you go (natural, cesarean, epidural…) you will want to know why and what exactly will happen to you.

10 Decide who or if a parent will become the stay at home parent

It’s good to get this out in the open beforehand because some people have very strong opinions on this matter.

Although we didn’t actually decide if either of us would become a stay at home parent after the baby’s birth, my husband reassured me that he would support me if I decided to resign from my job when the bab

11 Learn a second (and maybe third) language

Yeah I took Spanish classes way back in high school and I can say a few things “en espanol” still, but that doesn’t count for actually knowing another language. I wish I could speak it fluently so that my baby could grow up understanding two languages instead of just one.

12 Graduate from college

I am so glad I did this before having a baby. Even if you are not working a professional job, it helps to have a college degree to fall back on. After having a baby I no longer have the time or money to go back to college.

13 Hang out all night with your friends

Stay up late and party while you can, because sleep will take precedence once you are pregnant. Also, it is hard to fit in any time to just hang out with friends when you have a baby to care for 24/7.

14 Dance in the rain

Be silly, have fun, and enjoy life. This is true all of the time but before you have a family and the responsibility of another human being enjoy your freedom, go crazy, and dance in the rain.

15 Build up your emergency fund

I really wish we had done this, but my pregnancy was unplanned and unexpected. What little extra money we did have came in handy when my husband got laid off. Also, babies are expensive- very expensive!

16 Reduce your debt

Even if both parents have decided to keep working full time, bills come with babies and it is much easier to handle the added burden of a new member by removing some burden of debt. Besides, it is just a good idea to lower your debt before such a major life-changing event.

17 Establish a Date Night

My poor husband felt so left out during the first few months of our baby’s life. We needed a date night, but starting any routine is difficult once you have a baby to care for all the time. A time to bond and be alone with your significant other is very important at this unpredictable time in your lives together.

18 Go on a spontaneous adventure

It is hard to do anything spontaneous with a baby in tow. I wish we had taken a spontaneous trip before our baby just for the fun of it. Now that we have a baby we have to pack up tons of baggage and plan everything out ahead of time.

19 Plan your budget around a single income just in case

You never know how you will feel after the birth of your newborn baby, you might change your mind about going back to work. We did this although I loved working in the laboratory and couldn’t imagine leaving. Now, I can’t imagine leaving my baby.

20 Go on a romantic cruise

Go on a romantic cruise

I don’t really want to take a child on a cruise with my husband because that would not be very relaxing or romantic. I guess we will just wait until our baby is old enough to stay a week at her grandparents’ house before we go on a cruise together.

21. Volunteer at a local charity – In my opinion, if you make a habit of doing volunteer/charity work before you have children then it will be easier to do with them. I wish I had taken more time before my pregnancy to volunteer for local charities because I want to raise my child with that giving mentality.

22. Learn to play a musical instrument – My baby loves to listen and watch as I play the piano. She gets mesmerized by it, and I absolutely love it. Babies need good music and watching their parents play music or sing will only increase their love of music.

23. Go scuba diving for sunken treasure – Be adventurous while you can. This isn’t something you can do with a baby, but everybody dreams about searching for hidden treasure at some time in their life.

24. Establish your dream career – I’m glad I had the chance to work in a laboratory for a while before having a baby because after she was born I just wanted to stay home to take care of her. Although I am a stay at home mom now, I always have my career to fall back on if necessary.

25. Take a cooking class – I’m not a terrible cook but I’m not that great at it either. Now that we have a new member of the family, we are trying to cut costs and I really wish I could cook a little better.

26. Make a list of priorities in your life – Know what is important and what is not. Organize your life and figure out what is most valuable to you. Life after baby is very hectic, unorganized, and exhausting so you need to have your priorities straight before everything gets crazy.

27. Learn to listen (not just hear) – Listen to advice and offers for a helping hand. Sometimes it is wise to listen to your husband along with your own mothering instinct.

28. Make a Facebook account – Your friends and family will bug you until you do. I know most
people already have an account but I avoided it for a long time because it is such a time suck. Everyone wants to see pictures of the new baby on a regular basis and Facebook is the easiest way to share them with family worldwide.

29. Get a sense of humor – Because you will need it. Laughter is supposedly the best medicine, so try not to take everything seriously. Life with a newborn can be crazy and hectic; sometimes you have to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

30. Build relationships with friends and family – You will NEED them after the baby is born. I needed all the help I could get with a new baby to take care of and only sleeping in 2-hour increments.

31. Establish healthy eating habits – Before the cravings hit you, your body needs to be fortified with nutrients. There are a few key vitamins that are essential to a baby’s growth and development in the first trimester before you can be sure that you are actually pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant, I was a little worried about the baby’s development since I wasn’t taking any vitamins at the time.

32. Take a First Aid and CPR course – This is an obvious one. You need to be able to take care of your baby in the event of an emergency, and the knowledge will give you more confidence as a parent. Both my husband and I are knowledgeable in the healthcare field and I am so glad for that.

33. Learn to let things go – Don’t stress out over every problem that comes your way, it’s unhealthy. I have learned that I don’t have to make an argument out of every disagreement with my husband. When money was tight we really had to learn not to give in to our fears. We had to remember what is important and not worry about the rest.

34. Organize your house – This is something that I tackled pretty well during my second trimester, once I got my energy back the nesting instinct kicked in and I accomplished a lot around the house. After the baby was born, I did not have time for anything and having some order around the house really helped. The areas that I didn’t get organized were out of control by the end of the first month after the baby was born.

35. Crunch some numbers – Find out how much a baby really costs for the delivery and beyond. It’s a crazy number, but family and friends have really helped out by giving us so many wonderful gifts for the baby. You can find several online calculators and estimates for the cost of a child all the way through college.

36. Establish a household routine – “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Right? Besides that, babies love routine. Having a daily plan of action is important for your baby and really will help you out too. I have a list of certain chores that I do for each day of the week, and it really helps me keep housework under control.

37. Research your family tree – This is not only something interesting to tell your child but a great medical tool to determine the possibility of any genetic problems. Certain genetic disorders may need to be tested for depending on your cultural heritage and extended family history.

38. Take a vacation and literally do NOTHING– This is your last chance (for a while at least). Enjoy being lazy, daydream, and meditate. Lay in the grass and watch the stars.

39. Eat weird/crazy foods – When you get pregnant something happens to your tastebuds and it never will be the same. I still like to try new foods, but now I cannot stand the sight of mushrooms. Also, you have to be careful about what you eat when you’re pregnant and (to a lesser degree) breastfeeding.

40. Go on a cross-country road trip – It’s difficult to go on a long trip with a baby. Have fun traveling around the country with your best friends, stopping at every place that catches your eye. Travel light, after a baby you’ll be lugging gear with you everywhere you go.

41. Learn to be content in any situation life presents – You won’t have as much control over your life when you have a crying, very needy baby to take care of 24/7. So, learning how to be content before you lose control makes the transition into motherhood a little easier. If you are in a situation that you cannot change (like a lack of sleep) then be content in knowing that this moment will pass…eventually.

42. Sleep in! – I haven’t had continuous sleep that went past 7 a.m. since before the baby was born. Although I am getting plenty of rest at night, I miss those days of staying up late and sleeping in as long as I liked. Babies love routine and since her routine is to wake up at 7 every morning I have to be up before then, every single morning.

43. Enjoy spending every moment you can alone with your spouse: For the first 3 months after the baby was born, I never had time to dedicate just to my husband. Now my husband has to share my time and attention with our baby, so we don’t have quite as much bonding time as we did before.

44. Prepare to love someone more than you ever thought was possible: Seriously. One of my favorite quotes by Maureen Hawkins states it perfectly: “Before you were conceived I wanted you, Before you were born I loved you, Before you were here an hour I would die for you. This is the miracle of life.”

45. Be selfish while you can: This is a spin-off from the previous point I suppose, but you cannot understand the emotional change that happens after having a baby until you experience it personally. You will not be able to be selfish anymore because you won’t want to.

46. Splurge on that expensive item you have been wanting for so long– It might be a mistake, but at least you did it before having a baby that depends on you. I don’t mean going spend crazy, but if you have been dreaming about owning one particular item that is not too far out of your price range, then why not go for it while you have the chance.

47. Stay up late whenever you want:  I miss not having a “bedtime” and the freedom of not worrying about getting enough sleep. Now that my baby is sleeping through the night every night, it isn’t as much of a problem. But I am a sleepaholic, so I have to go to bed early every night to get as much sleep as I would like.

48. Go to Walmart at 3 in the morning: This is silly but very fun to do (unless you are there because your baby won’t sleep and you are up all night long). The cleaning crew is busy and night shift workers everywhere are notorious for being more laid-back, making it a little more fun to chat up the employees. Once I even played hide-and-seek with some friends in a Walmart at 3 a.m.

49. Nap whenever you want to: I have always enjoyed taking naps, but when you have a baby, your schedule is kind of dictated for you. Also, it seems like babies come with built-in sensors that alert them whenever their mom is about to fall asleep. My baby will nap peacefully until the moment I close my eyes. Goodbye naptime, I will meet you again someday.

50. Take time to relax throughout the day: It seems strange, but learning to relax is very important to a new mother’s well-being. With all of the housework to do and taking care of a family, every mom needs to learn how to take a few moments of her day for relaxing and de-stressing.

51. Spend an entire day at a spa with a girlfriend: Although I have gone to a spa to get my nails done before, I have always wished to spend an entire day being pampered at the spa with a good friend. I am not the type of person to splurge on that sort of thing, so I never actually did it. It is nice to spend quality time with friends before you have no more quality time to give.

52. Make “mommy” friends to hang out with after the baby is born: I am not an extremely sociable person, so I thought I wouldn’t need other mothers to be friends with after becoming a mom myself. It is actually a lot more important than you might realize though. Transitioning into parenthood is a very rough journey and it is nice to know somebody who has recently experienced it and can at least give moral support.

53. Throw a huge party at your house without a definite ending time:  Now that we have a baby, we also have scheduled routines. Everything is planned around our baby’s schedule and parties must end at bedtime. If the routine is not always adhered to, then we end up with a very grumpy baby who does not sleep well that night. So, enjoy not have limitations on your nightlife while you can.

54. Learn to fly a plane: Just so that you know you can do it, and because it would be really cool. Maybe it’s also the thought of having a little more freedom before adding more responsibility to life. Knowing that you are not restricted by terrain and before you have a baby you can just fly away whenever you want.

55. Live in a big city for a while: I have lived in relatively small towns my entire life and have always wondered what it would be like to live in a big city. Somewhere that has delivery options for more than just pizza would be nice, and everything doesn’t shut down at 9 in the evening. Now that I have a baby though, I am glad to be in a small, safe, quiet neighborhood.

56. Go hiking in the mountains: Although I have been hiking with my baby, it is much easier and enjoyable when you don’t have to tote around another person. I love to go hiking and am glad for all of the opportunities I had before my baby was born. Nothing is more fun than just grabbing a water bottle and heading out into the wilds of nature.

57. Dive off a cliff or waterfall: Free falling into a lake or river is so much fun. It is definitely a great experience before you “settle down” and have a baby. After starting a family you will have more responsibility and will not have as much time for fun, daring adventures, although it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not get these opportunities in the future.

58. Go deep-sea fishing: This is not a baby-friendly outing, but it is tons of fun. You cannot take a baby on a deep-sea fishing boat, but after your baby gets older it would make a very fun family trip. So, if you want to try out deep sea fishing any time soon, then you better do it before having a baby.

59. Go to a gun range and learn to shoot:  Besides the fun aspect, it is good to know in case you have to use it one day. Everyone should know the proper technique to shoot a gun for self-defense, even if they will never own one. You will become very protective of your baby and will want to be able to keep them safe, but a gun range is no place for a baby.

60. Learn how to sail: This can be a little too risky to do with a baby, but to experience the freedom of the open seas seems like a wonderful adventure. This point is more for my husband than me, I guess men need to feel the freedom of open space before feeling “trapped” with a family. It sounds bad but I understand and I know he doesn’t despise being tied down to us.

61. Go to a live orchestra performance: I love classical music and I have always wanted to go hear an orchestra play for the experience and the enjoyment of the music. This is obviously not a place for babies and to do something like this after having a baby, takes a lot of planning ahead of time. I have yet to keep up with schedules I make a day in advance, so going to the orchestra seems like a daunting task for now.

62. Write a book: Just to say that you did. I guess this doesn’t have to be done before having a baby, but it would be easier if you at least begin the process before having a baby to take care of. Plus, once you get your name out there and get a taste for writing, you might want to stay home with your baby and write for a living.

63. Invest in a good camera/camcorder: I had decided long ago that I was not going to be “one of those parents”- you know, the type of parent that thinks their child is the best at everything and every moment must be recorded to prove it. Well it’s sad to say, but I believe I have turned into that myself and I needed my camcorder and camera to catch every amazing moment.

64. Take a Yoga class: I took a class in college and absolutely loved it. I strayed a little from exercise after college, but my yoga knowledge is still with me. When I was pregnant all of the yoga stretches and poses really helped me relieve and prevent so many pregnancy symptoms. After giving birth, yoga was a great way to ease back into an exercise routine, plus it made me feel better and more energized.

65. Babysit Practice childcare on other people’s children. 🙂 I think I am a little more confident as a mother because I have “practiced” it so much beforehand. I spent my teenage years babysitting and I have worked a little in a daycare- both of which, I believed help to prepare me for parenting.

66. Discuss philosophy with your spouse:  It’s best to come to terms with any differences now, and it’s a great way to become closer- really getting to know each other. Learn about your spouses’ beliefs on life and what path you both want to take. For example, what is your philosophy on breastfeeding or childbirth? Thinking of your baby’s education may seem silly this soon but it might become a strong disagreement between the two of you.

67. Decide on important values you want your children to learn:  With children, you need to show unity and teamwork from the very beginning, so you might want to talk about these things and understand where you can compromise together. What moral guidelines do you believe should be taught to your child?

68. Learn how to argue and resolve the argument together: This sounds like marriage counseling 101 but it is even more important if you plan to have children soon. We decided before having a baby that we would not argue or fight around our children. We haven’t always stuck with that decision and found out how important it was when our baby would get so distraught from our arguments.

69. Learn to relax and not be uptight:  Sometimes I literally have to force myself to relax, before I have a nervous breakdown. With all of the chores and baby care, it is impossible to get everything done every day. I would get so angry with my husband for the smallest messes because it just added more work to my impossibly long list until I decided it wasn’t worth all of the stress.

70. Look for the simple pleasures that every day brings: The most wonderful example I can think of, is my baby’s beautiful smile and she is so generous with showing it that I can’t help but smile with her throughout the day. The other day I was playing outside with my baby and we both were enjoying the wonderful weather, hearing the birds chirp, and just enjoying God’s creation together. If you learn to focus on these things before baby, then you can teach your baby those simple joys too.

71. Realize that you cannot be in control of every situation: Sometimes circumstances arise that are outside of your control and you have to just accept it- like if you plan to have natural childbirth and end up needing an emergency c-section (that didn’t happen to me, but I’ve read a few stories where it did). I am a control freak by nature, but I have learned that you cannot be in control of everything- especially when it comes to a screaming baby.

72. Work the night shift just to see what it’s like: When I first began working the third shift it was kind of fun and exciting, something new and different. I was staying up all night and sleeping when most others were awake- I guess I just enjoy trying out new experiences. When I was pregnant the fun ended for me- I hated trying to sleep during the day and trying not to fall asleep all night.

73. Enjoy hour-long bubble baths with candles and relaxing music:  I can vaguely remember the days of not worrying about the baby crying and waking my husband. I could soak in the tub any time I liked and as long as I wanted to. Now that my baby is sleeping 10 hours through the night, I can occasionally make time for a bath after I lay her down.

74. Take up scrapbooking as a hobby: If you have never tried it before, I suggest getting an all-in-one starter package. It’s a great way to show off your creative side and put all of your pictures to good use. Plus, when you have a baby you will want to make your own memory book and catalog your baby’s development.

75. Learn all about FMLA and plan accordingly: Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a wonderful job security law that gives you the ability to stay home with your newborn baby for up to 12 weeks. Certain states have even better postpartum laws, so find out what is available to you and plan ahead with that information in mind.

76. Take a good, long look at your belly button:  It will never look the same again. *Sigh* I miss my belly button, but I have given up on it every returning to “normal” again. It was a slight Minnie to begin with, and now (9 months after giving birth) it still pokes out as much as it did in my third trimester.

77. Break those bad habits – If you smoke, take illegal drugs, or drink alcohol then you would obviously have to quit before getting pregnant. But, there are other “addictions” that you might want to take control of or get rid of altogether before having a baby. My husband and I realized we spent way too much time and money on television, so we canceled our satellite service before the baby was born.

78. Learn to fall asleep quickly: With only a 2-hour break between feedings you have to fall asleep immediately whenever you get the chance- thank goodness that didn’t last for more than a week. After being sleep deprived for a month, I became very adept at falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

79. Get really good at multitasking: Although scientists are now saying it is bad for your brain, you have to do it when you’re a mom. When you are trying to cook, clean, and care for a needy baby and husband you have to be good at multitasking at least occasionally. Sometimes, I am not so good at it and end up running around getting nothing accomplished other than getting myself stressed out.

80. Spend an entire day reading: Find a good book or break out a favorite that you haven’t read in a while, and take the whole day for yourself curled up in your favorite reading nook. Ahh, the peaceful tranquility of getting lost in a good book- I miss that. There are no days off from being a mother- it’s a 24/7 job- so no long days devoted to reading a book from cover to cover.

81. Save money for a new wardrobe:  Yes, you will need maternity clothes- you will be wearing them even after the baby is born. But, you will also need to replace many items once you get back into shape after having the baby. Your body will be different, and your shape will change. Clothes may be the same size on you but the cut may not ever fit the same way.

82. Get a child-friendly pet:  When I found out I was pregnant we knew we would have to find a new home for our terrier because she was horrible with children. It was sad, but no amount of discipline would keep her from picking on and nipping at little children. We have since then gotten a few fish and our baby loves them. She will stare, mesmerized at the fish tank, and gets excited when it’s time to feed the fish.

83. Get a family vehicle:  When I found out I was pregnant, my husband and I were already in the process of looking for a new vehicle. We quickly decided on a safe, reliable, and roomy family car which has been very good to us over the past year and a half that we’ve owned it.

84. Strengthen old friendships or say goodbye: They may die out once you enter the mommy phase of your life. No matter what you may believe before having a baby, it will be very difficult to keep up friendships with even the closest friends who do not have a family of their own. For that matter, it will be hard to keep any friendships going while you are running on little sleep, days and nights blending together, and time flies faster than you can catch it.

85. Love your family, especially their quirks:  So you have that crazy Aunt who likes to give out absurd, unsolicited advice (no I’m not speaking of any family member of mine in particular), but that is part of what makes your family gatherings so unique and special. When everybody gets together, certain tensions may erupt into a fight- that’s just life and it keeps everything from becoming too dull. Embrace the individuality of every person in your family and raise your baby to love them all.

86. Get over any needle phobia- Sorry but you are definitely going to get stuck a lot during your pregnancy. I am fortunate to not have a fear of needles, which would be awkward for me since I worked in a hospital laboratory. There are many tests that need to be performed on pregnant women to ascertain the health of her and her baby- we will save that information for another post, though.

87. Forget the “life after baby” fairytale: I told myself when I was pregnant that I was not falling victim to this mentality, but apparently, I did without knowing it. I was a little distraught after 3 months went by and I was still not having a carefree, happy-go-lucky time staying home with my baby. Life after baby is not all about pushing a stroller in the park with the sun shining and birds chirping. Sometimes it is stormy, your baby is screaming at you, and all you want to do is sleep.

88. Drive/Ride on a motorcycle:  This one is more for my husband than me, although I am so glad to have had the experience before our baby came along. I never thought I would love riding on a motorcycle- it’s just not the kind of person I am- but I had so much fun hopping on the back of my husband’s bike and cruising around town. Our motorcycle became pretty much obsolete with a baby, though.

89. Establish religious convictions with your spouse: Although my husband and I agree on the same religion and basic principles of that religion, some of our other religious convictions do not quite mesh together. There are occasions when we get into arguments about raising our baby with certain religious principles being a foundation for our family. Know where each other stands and make those important decisions now.

90. Prepare to be disgusted and get messy: There is not much in this world that will disgust me (other than cruelty and violence) and what used to bother me no longer does so. Working in the medical laboratory profession has cured me of any queasy tendencies when it comes to poop, vomit, or sputum. When you have a baby, you will get pooped on, spit up all over, and pee everywhere. Just a warning so that now you know what to expect…

91. Take sexy pictures of yourself:  Spend some time and money at a professional photography studio having someone take a fun, sexy photos. Or do fun, flirty poses while your husband snaps photos like you’re a movie star and he is the paparazzi. It’s a nice way to be the center of attention before your baby becomes the star of the house.

92. Audition to be on television: This isn’t really something that I would care to do, but it is on most people’s to-do list. If you want to audition for television then you would be better off doing it before having a baby, so trek out to Hollywood and audition. Maybe you’ll become a real star…

93. Go to a live concert:  No matter what the genre of music, you must attend a live concert before you have to “grow up” and be the parent. I went to a mini Christian concert when I was a teenager and I am very glad for the fun experience, the exciting atmosphere of it.

94. Visit a developing country:  Do some volunteer work in an under-developed country and be grateful for what you have. Sometimes you don’t realize just how blessed you truly are until you are faced with extreme poverty like many people have to deal with across the world. This is a great way to keep your spending in check when you become pregnant and want to buy everything you see for the baby.

95. Read Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way and What To Expect When You’re Expecting:  Both of these books were necessary for me to feel confident about the pregnancy and birth of my baby. I would even recommend reading them if you are trying to conceive. Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way is about the Bradley Method of childbirth but it also has so many great common sense points for having a healthy pregnancy. Also, What to Expect When You’re Expecting has a great easy-to-read layout and is packed with information from trying-to-conceive through postpartum care.

96. Stock up the house: Buy an abundance of cleaning supplies and toiletries so you don’t have to go shopping for a while. This is more for the third trimester of pregnancy, but you could stock up before getting pregnant if you want. After having a baby you will probably not want to go on any shopping trips for a while- at least, I know I didn’t. Buy a bulk supply of everything you use on a regular basis. You might want to invest some money in a deep freezer and store up a bunch of pre-made meals too.

97. Prepare Thank-You notes and birth announcements:  Here is another third-trimester task that I wish I had done. I was too exhausted to give a care about birth announcements and did the bare minimum of thank-you’s. I thought that I would have time after the baby was born- this is crazy, there is never time for anything other than basic necessities.

98. Learn about Cord Blood Banking: Read all about it and decide accordingly. There are many pros and cons to consider with cord blood banking and it’s a decision that must be made before going into labor.

99. Do a safety inspection of your home: Check your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, security system, etc…

100. Make two baby registries– Put all of the expensive things you would like in a registry at a fancy baby boutique and make another registry with the necessities at somewhere like Wal-Mart/Babies-R-Us.


Ta-Da! The Final Tip To Do Before Having a Baby is…

101. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy: You may not want to do everything I have listed here but it gives you an idea… Overall the most important thing to do before having a baby is to enjoy the experience of growing your precious baby.


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