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10 Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

Looking for the best Nursing bra that will offer you the right support, feel and fit? Discover the top Maternity and nursing bras for large breasts. Also, learn what to consider before shopping.

Finding the Best Nursing Bras for Large Bust

The rationale behind a nursing bra is the convenience when it comes to feeding a baby

If you’re looking for the best nursing bras for large breasts watch out for support, ease of use, and flexibility.

Perhaps you don’t have time to peruse through every online bra store. That’s why we have prepared a list of 8 nursing bras for large busts you will instantly like.


What is the Significance of Maternity And Nursing Bras?

As long as it is supportive and well-fitting, a maternity and nursing bra plays a vital role in your breastfeeding journey.

Remember that the body undergoes different changes from pregnancy to breastfeeding. You cannot predict the extent to which your breasts will change through maternity. But there’s one sure thing. Putting on an ill-fitting bra would be very uncomfortable.

Therefore you should look for a good big breasted nursing bra.

The nursing experience differs from one woman to the next. You might gain one cup size while another woman adds two extra cups.

As such, you need to choose a properly designed Maternity bra that adapts to your bust as it changes in volume. One of the best options is a wire-free and seam-free nursing bra.

You should start wearing such designs during the last semester of your pregnancy and by the time you start nursing your baby, you will have outgrown your regular cup sizes.

This is where bras with full drop cups come in. They let you nurse the baby discreetly and with so much ease during day time.

At night, wear a comfortable and breathable sleep bra. This bra supports the breasts and takes care of any milk that might leak at night. It should also be in a position to hold nursing pads in place.

Here’s a recap of the Best Nursing Bras for Breastfeeding moms

Best Features to Look For In a Nursing or Maternity Bra

So you are heading towards the end of your pregnancy. And your regular bra seems too small. It is time to go straight to fuller bust nursing bras.

When you have big boobs, you must be extra careful when choosing one. Keep in mind that the bust will become even more prominent.

If you are a new mom, do not worry too much. Do a bra fitting before shopping. Here is what you should consider when buying a supportive nursing bra.

I. Correct fitting

The two essential measurements of your breast are the bust and the underbust. When you know the two, then you can estimate your cup and band sizes.

Getting the right supportive nursing bras for large breasts size is easy. Take measurements around the fullest part of the boobs and under the bust. Make sure that the string or measuring tape is straight as you place it on your body. Do not overtighten.

2. The material

Modern nursing bras comprise such materials as nylon, cotton, spandex, and polyamide. Look for a fabric that works best for you. These are delicate fabrics, and so you need to hand wash them.

While you might need the material to be firm for maximum support, the best maternity bra for large breasts should be pliable enough to adapt to the growing breast size.

The Best breastfeeding bras for Large breasts feature plastic lining to prevents milk leakages. But those linings are not breathable and might encourage bacterial growth. Make sure that the material is breathable to provide fresh air around the nipples.

Even though an underwire is believed to give better support, it is not comfortable to wear when nursing. The tightness it creates might end up blocking the milk ducts, making it difficult for the baby to suckle.

 3. Added comfort

One of the most important aspects of a bra for large breasts is flexibility. It should provide an extra room when the milk finally comes. When closed, it must not compress any part of your breasts.

Here is a checklist for a super comfortable breastfeeding bra for big boobs.

  • The cups can be opened with one hand
  • Four-hook-and-eye fastening mechanism
  • A big opening for feeding the baby
  • Broad non-slip straps

4. The perfect feel

How you feel in bra matters a lot. Does the band pinch or pull your rib cage? If yes, know you have the wrong size.

The material around your back and under the bust should offer an incredible feeling. Whether you lie down, sit down, bend over, or stand up, the right maternity bra feels like you are almost wearing nothing. If the straps tend to slip off the shoulders, you might be wearing too big a size.

The band should not ride up, and neither should the breasts move out of the cups. When the feel is just right, nothing should poke you or slip around. So take your time to pick the best maternity bras for big boobs.

5. The style

It is highly recommended to wear a supportive nursing bra if you have a large bust.

Most Maternity bras are available in various forms to suit different needs. Cross-over design is perfect for the first few weeks after delivery.

They provide easy access to the breast as the infant I familiarizing with nursing. Smooth and stretchy material is an added advantage because it accommodates the fluctuating size of the boobs.

Another smooth style is the contoured cup bra. It settles nicely for easy nursing. Unlike typical maternity bras, the contoured cup bras are more structured. As such, they are the best options for the first four months of the postpartum period.

As you start getting active, consider a clip-down cup bra as it gives more support than a regular design. You may consider a nursing bra that lifts and separates breasts.

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Let’s take a look at the best nursing bras for large cup sizes.

Top 10 Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bras

1. HOFISH 3PACK Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras.

HOFISH 3PACK Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras- Best Underwire Bra
  • Package Including:3PCS Bras+3PCS bras clips+ 3PCS matching bra extenders to ensure maximum comfort
  • One-hand Access, Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Hook & Eye Closure.Easy drop cups for convenient feeding

Here is a kind of nursing bralette you would not want to miss in your wardrobe if you dislike the weird triangle shape. It has a round design and comes with extra clips and extenders. This is precisely what you need for a flexible fit to support your breasts from pregnancy to postpartum.

The HOFISH Full-Bust Seamless Nursing Bralette may seem small for breast size 42, but the material is so pliable that it feels comfortable for large cup size. The available extenders allow you to get the perfect fit. The inserts are thick, and so they say in place for longer as compared to typical ones.

Key Features:
  • 3-piece bra with matching extenders and clips
  • Made of soft butterfly nylon (92%) and spandex (8%)
  • Seamless design
  • Removable molded foam cups
  • Hook-and-eye closure
  • One-hand breast access with smooth drop cups
  • Non-slip and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Greater flexibility thanks to the extenders and nylon material
  • Easy fixing and undoing of the bra clips
  • A robust band size prevents sagging
  • No-show bra clips for a tank top
  • Thinner straps that may twist slightly
  • The inserts are not very stable


Overall, the 3-pack HOFISH bra gives the much-needed support for breastfeeding. We highly recommend it for use throughout the pregnancy and into breastfeeding.


 2. Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback- Best Sleeping Nursing Bra for large breast

Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback- Best Sleeping Nursing Bra
  • EXCLUSIVE BUSTY SIZING - Kindred Bravely Busty sizes are designed specifically for women with E cups and above. They have expanded fabric in the cups for additional coverage of larger busts, as well as an enclosed elastic band under the bust to keep the bra comfortably in place. Busty sizes also have slightly longer straps to fit comfortably around larger breasts - they’re great if you have a longer torso or taller frame and need extra length.
  • AWARD-WINNING COMFORT - The ultra-soft French Terry Racerback Busty Bra is a wire-free nursing bra with no clasps or hooks to mess with. No wonder it’s been named a Mom's Choice Award Winner!

Maternity and breastfeeding call for nothing short of comfort. And this is what French Terry Racerback Nursing and Sleep Bra by Kindred Bravely offers. No synthetic trims that irritate the skin, no underwire, and nothing extra making it the best wireless nursing bra for large breasts.

Key Features:

  • Material: Rayon of Bamboo (92%) and Spandex (8%)
  • Lightweight design for ultimate comfort
  • Single-handed pull-aside access
  • Cross over front design
  • Sizes from XS to XXL
  • Elastic chest band with light support
  • There are no elastic hooks or messy clasps hence peaceful night nursing sessions
  • Provides gentle support to pregnant mothers
  • It not only keeps the pads in the right place but also accommodates the changing torso
  • Can be a perfect bra for yoga classes
  • Perky nipples may show through the relatively thinner fabric
  • No extra pads

Kindred Bravely Racerback is a well-designed bra that prevents skin-on-skin contact that often leads to yeast and bacterial infections. The bra is super soft that you cannot feel any pressure even when you sleep in it making it one of the best nursing bra for big boobs.



3. iloveSIA 3PACKFull  Nursing Bra Seamless Maternity Bra

iloveSIA 3PACK Womens Full Bust Nursing Bra Seamless Maternity Bra
  • iLoveSIA ultra soft wire-free and seamless nursing bra provides added comfort during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Comfortable enough to sleep in. 4-way stretch fabric hugs your changing shape making it the perfect maternity and nursing bra
  • The adjustable soft strap and clip down nursing featuring one-handed access,offers comfort and ease for the breastfeeding mother. Molded cups and removable foam inserts provide shape separation and discretion while nursing

Available in three packs, this iloveSIA Full-Bust bra is designed to give the best motherhood experience. It is ideal for pregnancy, nursing, and sleeping. It is available in both neutral and fun hues. Feeding a baby is a breeze given that you can unclip and reclip with one hand.

Key Features
  • Highly stretchy material (92%Nylon, 8% Spandex)
  • Seamless and wire-free design
  • Knitted sideband and underband
  • Single-handed access clips at the front
  • four hook-and-eye back closure
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Removable molded cup foams
  • Wide interior sling to prevent sagging and support ribbing

If you are looking for a bra that goes up to extra-large size F, you cannot go wrong with iloveSIA 3PACK Women’s Full-Bust. It is also an excellent option for lounging. The adjustable straps make everything comfortable whether you keep or remove the molded cups. You may also use it during low-impact exercises.

  • Buttery soft material that doesn’t see through the clothes
  • Easy breastfeeding access with nursing clips
  • The cups offer a protective lining to conceal nipples
  • Ribbed gore stretches that adapt to fluctuating breast size
  • A fuller nursing sling for maximum breast support
  • 4 hooks at the back provide a customizable fit
  • The inner padding can get out of control when moving



4. Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Seamless Nursing Bra

Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Seamless Nursing Bra for Breastfeeding | Wireless Maternity Bra
  • ULTRA SOFT FABRIC - This wireless, seamless nursing bra was named a Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award Winner for good reason - its luxuriously soft fabric and stretchy support are a game-changer for pregnant and nursing mamas!
  • EASY NURSING ACCESS - Easy, one-handed, clip-down cups allow for quick access for nursing or skin-to-skin contact with baby. Plus, this nursing bra’s adjustable straps and hook-back closure ensure a perfect fit for every body type!

A wireless bra is essential for any stage of motherhood. Designed as an all-round seamless bra, Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime performs well in daytime and night.

Key Features:
  • Made of nylon and spandex: 93% and 7% respectively
  • Elastic memory foam
  • Light hues
  • Hook-back closure
  • Fully-adjustable straps
  • Removable padding
  • A variety of colors
  • Sizes S to XL
  • Luxurious smooth material
  • Single-handed clip-down cups
  • The closure mechanism is ideal for all body types
  • It looks excellent under nursing tank tops, blouses, and dresses
  • The padding provides extra shape and modesty when feeding
  •  The straps may feel tighter for women with massive busts


Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime is a viable solution as far as the overall fit is concerned. The straps and closure mechanism are created to allow your baby to receive milk as quickly as possible hence less fussy time. An improved fit is vital for large breasts, and so this bra is an exciting choice for comfort.


5. Elomi Women’s Smoothing Underwire Molded Nursing Bra – Best underwire nursing bras for large breasts

Elomi Women's Smoothing Underwire Molded Nursing Bra
  • UK-sized bra with seam-free cups for a smooth appearance and to prevent chafing
  • Flexible wire for added comfort without compromising support or shape

At a glance, Elomi Women’s Smoothing Nursing Bra might seem like a regular bra. But as you look closer, you realize there’s added comfort just like the name suggests. It helps with nursing thanks to seamless cups with the softest feel. The combination of materials is well worth the price.

Key Features
  • Material: Polyester (91%), Nylon (6%), and Elastane (3%)
  • Seamless cups
  • Hook-and-eye closure
  • Banded frame
  • Hard mold
  • Non-slip shoulder straps
  • Flexible underwire
  • Full-circle sling on the drop cup
  • Powernet leotard back
  • Supportive H-cup
  • The full-circle inner layer gives extra coverage
  • Seamless drop cup
  • The Flexi-wire minimized discomfort and offers a breast lift
  • Durable and smooth fabric
  • A sleeker style by leotard back
  • No padding


The smoothing effect of Elomi Women’s Nursing Bra is over the top. The molded design is not only soft but also firm to give the support that a nursing mother requires.





6. BRAVADO! DESIGNS Women’s Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

BRAVADO! DESIGNS Body Silk Seamless Wireless Maternity & Nursing Bra | A, B, C, D, DD/E, DDD/F Cup
  • MOM’S CHOICE AWARD WINNER - An iconic and best-selling maternity and nursing bra that's loved by moms worldwide. This luxuriously soft, wire-free and seamless nursing bra provides the comfort you crave during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it accomodates your changing breast size.
  • SEAMLESS AND WIRE-FREE - Designed with 4-way stretch fabric that hugs your changing shape. Provides breast support without the discomfort of an underwire, making it the perfect wireless bra for maternity and nursing.

Sometimes you just want to wear something cute. Okay, cuteness makes you more confident and feel good and maybe it’ll make your milk supply go up.

If you have a big bust it’s important to find bras that fit comfortably, look decent, and are supportive because big boobs aren’t just a lot to hambo.

Motherhood is an exciting journey that requires flexible wardrobe-essentials. The Body Silk Seamless Bra by BRAVADO DESIGNS is one of those staples you need as a mother. Are you planning to stay at home for the first year of nursing or want to be breastfeeding on the go? This maternity and nursing will fit into any lifestyle. It is an everyday nursing bra for a comfortable experience.

Key Features 
  • Material: Nylon (90%) and spandex (10%); 100% polyester lining
  • Sizes XS to XXL
  • Full drop-away cups
  • Seamless nursing bra
  • One-hand Bravado nursing clips
  • Hook-and-eye closure
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Molded cups with retractable inserts
  • Bra conversion kit
  • Maximizes skin-to-skin contact with cups that drop fully
  • The removable insert give proper shape and allow for discreet nursing
  • Seamless and wire-free design is an added benefit for skin comfort
  • The 4-way stretch design is meant to hug a fluctuating body figure
  • Ideal for maternity and breastfeeding
  • The band may ride up between shoulders for moms who are small in the band


BRAVADO DESIGNS Body Silk Seamless has everything you need from maternity to postnatal period. The luxurious smooth material can adapt to the changing bust, meaning you can have it throughout the pregnancy trimesters and beyond. And when the time comes, the nursing clips will allow you to breastfeed your baby without a struggle. Later on, you can wear the bra to yoga classes to shed some baby weight. The conversion kit allows you to change the bra into a regular bralette after nursing.


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7. Cake Maternity Zest Nursing and Sports Bra

Cake Maternity Zest Nursing Sports Bra for Breastfeeding, Sports Maternity Bra
  • FOR THE MINDFUL MAMA: Ideal during your pregnancy & for breastfeeding, Cake Maternity is consciously made with love by mamas for mamas. From nursing bras for breastfeeding to maternity clothes - Cake has got you covered! This sports bra for nursing is one of your pregnancy must haves & postpartum essentials. You can find Cake Maternity on Amazon, in the boutiques across US & in department stores. Designed in Australia.
  • GREAT SUPPORT FOR WORKOUT (FOR B TO K CUPS): This high quality nursing sports bra with minimal stretch, supportive breathable fabric helps to reduce breast bounce and movement outwards or sideways. This nursing sports bra for breastfeeding designed & structured to support small & large breast women during light, moderate & high intensity exercise. This full coverage underwire sports bra perfectly matches with Cake Maternity sports leggings, nursing tank tops & other maternity sports clothes.

Zest Flexi Wire Maternity and Sports Bra might be what you are looking for if you want to maintain a very active lifestyle while steel nursing your little one. It is among the few full-structured nursing bras you can style for a particular appeal. The high-impact bra can withstand the pressure that may arise from running and other gym activities. Zest has the security that you need to keep your large breasts in their right position.

Key Features 
  • 86% Polyester and 14% Elastane
  • Molded cups
  • Flexible wire
  • Hook-and-eye closure
  • Breathable mesh panels
  • Smooth Spacer technology
  • Rigid and wide straps made of peach skin microfiber
  • Folded edge sling
  • J-hook for racerback
  • Elastic panels on both sides and the back
  • Racerback conversion clip


  • The Flexi wire provides a lift and great shape
  • The material stretches enough without restricting the increasing bust size
  • A seamless form is granted by molded cups
  • It is designed to reduce bounce during intense activities
  • Minimal friction thanks to the smooth spacer technology
  • The all-round seam is a bit thick and might stick out when worn with a fitted top

The racerback clip makes some squeaky noise while on the move


The struggle with engorged breasts after birth is real. Luckily, Cake Maternity Zest Flexi Bra can give you relief. What’s more, you can wear it as an everyday bra even after nursing. Apart from providing an excellent fit, it flatters your figure, making you look slimmer.


8. Anita Women’s Seamless Underwire Breastfeeding Bra

Anita Maternity Women's Microfiber Underwire Nursing Bra #5068
  • A modern high-tech blend of polyester or polyamide fibres.
  • A dense, closely-woven yarn/fabric which is very light, smooth, soft, hard wearing and breathable.

A fully adjustable Anita breastfeeding bra comes in a plethora of sizes. With a 3-position fastener at the back and an underwire, you get the right support for a big bust. Unlike most nursing bras, this one consists of pure cotton and not a combination of materials.

Key Features:
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Seamless cups
  • Underwire design
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Hook fastening
  • J-Cup
  • Kwik Klip closing mechanism
  • Comfortable straps that don’t dig into the skin
  • No frills
  • East-to-use nursing clasps
  • Pulls the breasts closer for a sleek silhouette
  • The extra fabric on the sup sides may ride up the armpit and make you sweat


Anita Women’s Seamless Underwire Breastfeeding Bra is one of the few classic designs in the market. It allows easy access during breastfeeding. If you don’t have an issue with pure cotton, it is one of the well-fitting bras you can have.

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9. HOFISH 3 Pack Seamless Clip Down Deep V Neck Push Up Nursing Bra – Best nursing sports bras for large breasts

HOFISH 3 Pack Seamless Clip Down Deep V Neck Push Up Nursing Bra Maternity Bras 3PACK Inlcuding Extenders & Clips
  • The modal material added to the fabric using the latest technology ensures a buttery soft feel of the bras.
  • One-hand Access, Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Hook & Eye Closure.Easy drop cups for convenient feeding

If you’re looking for a cheap nursing bra for large breasts this is one of the best choices out there.



10. Momcozy Adjustable Breast-Pumps Holding and Nursing Bra.

If you’re looking for a nursing bra that holds breast pump, momcozy adjustable Nursing bra is the best hands-free pumping bra for large breasts.

Hands Free Pumping Bra, Momcozy Adjustable Breast-Pumps Holding and Nursing Bra, Suitable for Breastfeeding-Pumps by Lansinoh, Philips Avent, Spectra, Evenflo and More(Black, XX-Large)
  • Hands Free Pumping Bra (Patent Protected Design) – Momcozy Nursing and Pumping Bra can be used for breast feeding, pumping or both together. A perfect choice for working moms.
  • The ‘X’ Structure and Adjustable Shoulder Straps – It is designed to hold bottles and shield in place securely and comfortably. The adjustable shoulder straps provide more adjustment, also you can cross the back straps.


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Final Take

A lot of changes in your body will occur in the maternity period. Once you give birth, your breasts will start leaking, feeling tender, and expanding. Your big bust will demand support especially if you are breastfeeding.

Sometimes you will need something more practical. Other times, you want a cute bra. It is okay to flaunt your body but as you nurse your kiddo, put comfort and hygiene first.

We have brought you the best maternity and nursing bras for large breasts. Now make the right choice. Choose a size that will fit comfortably. Also, look for support materials for the sake of your big bust. Happy breastfeeding!

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