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6 Best Retractable Baby Gates

If you've been wondering which is the best retractable baby gate to buy, take a look at our comprehensive review to find out the one that is best suited for you.

If you have a toddler in your home, having a retractable baby gate will keep them off from the household dangers.
By isolating them in designated spaces, you’ll feel more confident about the safety of your little one.

If you’ve been wondering which is the best to buy, take a look at our comprehensive review to find out the one that is best suited for you.

Our  Top six Best

1. Retract-A-Gate Safety gate – Best Retractable gate for stairs

Retract-A-Gate 52" White by Smart Retract: Retractable Baby, Dog, & Cat Gate
  • Retract-A-Gate is the original, 100% USA-made retractable safety gate that can be installed at any angle. Whether you decide to block off a hallway, a staircase, a patio, or something else, Retract-A-Gate’s see-through mesh allows you to always know what’s happening on the other side of the gate.
  • Retract-A-Gate is certified for up to 200 pounds of push out force and for top and bottom stair use by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Wherever Retract-A-Gate is installed, it will keep your little ones safe.

Holding the first position is the Retract-A-Gate.

Sporting a simple, intuitive design with straightforward installation, the Retract-A-Gate is easy to use, durable and will uphold the safety of your kid.

The Retractable-A-Gate is constructed from a durable, yet soft, scratch-resistant mesh. The mesh is tightly woven and is engineered for use both by children and pets.

The gate comes in two gate measurements; 52 inches and 72 inches.
The gate stands at an incredible 34 inches high for added security and this makes it hard for kids to climb over.

The mesh on the Retractable-A-Gate is clear and see-through. Therefore, your kid will not feel completely isolated.

Best for Bottom or top of the stairs

The Retract-A-Gate is suitable for kids in the age bracket of 6 months to 2 years. The gate is engineered to allow easy operation for the adults but challenging for the kids to open.

To open the gate, you need to push and turn the lock simultaneously. The kids cannot do this, and this is what makes the Retract-A-Gate a safe option.

Safety on this unit is further underlined by JPMA certification. JPMA is the body responsible for testing all the baby products to ensure they’re safe for both the baby and the pets. Therefore, you can always feel confident about the safety of your kids with the Retract-A-Gate.

Universal Mounting Bracket:
A major hindrance with retractable gate lies on their portability.
The universal mounting bracket will, however, allow easy and frequent changing of locations, whenever you want.

Portability is further underlined by the lightness of this unit. Weighing at a mere 4 pounds, it’s now easier to take the gate along with you whenever you go.

Stair Banister Kit:
The stair bannister kit will save you from the need of drilling holes in your wall.
The kit allows easy mounting of the baby gate on the wall without needing to drill holes. The result is that setting up this baby gate will leave your home looking neat always.


  • Certified for safety
  • Light
  • Easy to install
  • No drilling required
  • Ample neckline coverage
  • Durable


  •  Pricey

2. Lascal KiddyGuard Avant Retractable Baby Safety Gate

Lascal KiddyGuard Avant Retractable Baby Safety Gate, White Mesh
  • Fully retractable hardware mounted gate completely disappears when not in use and eliminates the tripping hazard that all traditional metal gates present.
  • Elegant brushed aluminum designer housing and high quality mesh panel compliments any home décor.

Lascal is synonymous with rugged durability and high-quality products.
And today, we look at one of its offerings, the Lascal Avant.

The Avant is a high-quality model that boasts of an attractive and functional design. The Avant showcases an appealing design, and it’s available in two colours; black and white.

According to the manufacturer, the Avant sports an elegant Swedish design. While i don’t see the Swed in the gate, I do think the Avant looks classy.

Candy to the eye, the elegant brushed aluminium housing alongside the premium mesh panel can be used to complement a room rather than being an eyesore.

The Avant is constructed from a sturdy and flexible mesh. We find the mesh on the Avant baby gate to be thicker and better quality.

The mesh, for instance, is built to withstand a 200-pound strike force. This means the retractable mesh baby gate will hold up pretty strong even to the small and medium pets.

The Avant is flexible and can be used at the bottom or top of the stairs or any openings with a maximum dimension of 48 inches.
The 48-inch coverage is 4-inches less than that of the Retractable-A-Gate. But still, the width plus a modest height of 32.3-inch makes the Avant an inspired choice for the much taller kids.

Ease Of Use:
The Avant spans wide, but when it retracts, it practically disappears.

Yes. The mesh on the Avant will fully retract into its housing when not in use.
The “disappearance” feature renders the Avant trip hazard free and leaves a clean and neat look.

Similar to Retractable-A-Gate, the Avant is JPMA certified. This means this baby gate adheres to all the safety standards, and this means it won’t disappoint you when it comes to safety and quality.

Safety on this baby gate is further underlined by the choice of material construction.
The Avant is constructed from entire non-toxic parts that are free from phthalates, lead or polycarbonates.
You can, therefore always feel confident about your baby using this baby gate.

Unique Timer System:
A notable highlight on this retractable child gate is the integrated timer.

The time system allows a person to open, secure, and pass through the gate in total silence. Unlike the noisy gate, the Avant does not make any clicking noises when in operation, and it’s quiet.

Lock and Release Mechanism:
If you have an area with lots of traffic to block off, the simple lock and release mechanism is quite handy.
This technology will easily allow you open the gate with a single hand, which is quite convenient in the busy corners.


  • Easy to lock
  • No bottom bar/threshold
  • Flexible; can be installed in either direction


  •  Only two colors available

3. Evenflo Soft and Wide- Best baby gate for large opening

If you happen to have an extra-wide doorway, this Extra-wide retractable baby gate is for you.
A functional baby gate, Evenflo will keep both your pets and babies safely secured.

Evenflo Soft and Wide gate, Emery
  • Pressure-Mounted With Rubber Bumpers That Won't Damage Walls, Providing a Secure, Custom Fit, Even in Older Homes With out of Square Walls
  • Completely Assembled for Immediate Use. No Tools Required

The Evenflo has a unique design concept in that it’s more of a divider, rather than a gate.

It does not have a door, no locking mechanism, doesn’t swing open, can’t be walked through and can’t shut like most other Retractable gates for stairs (Top/bottom).

Instead, the Evenflo is like an expansion gate, and as long it’s not too high for the adults, it usually stays in place most of the time.
To use it, you either need to step over or remove it, hence not a great option for the bottom or top of the stairs.

The Evenflo is constructed from a high-quality and durable semi-transparent material.
The neutral colors on the material will not clash with your décor, and you can, therefore, use the gate in any of your household rooms.

High Force Resistance:
The material on the Evenflo supplies a high force resistance. This means you’ll have nothing to worry about, particularly if you have a strong child as they will not be able to overcome it.

The Evenflo is large enough to keep your little ones and pet safe from danger.
This baby gate measures 27 inches and can expand from 39 to 60 inches. The dimensions on this unit make the gate suitable for a variety of uses including the bottom stairs, the hallways, and the doorways as well.

Pressure Mounting:
The Evenflo uses a pressure-mounting system.
Contrary to the steel bars that destroy the walls, you’ll greatly appreciate the rubber construction.

The non-marring rubber bumpers are not only safe but will help to maintain the structural integrity of your house. The rubber will prevent damage to your décor, especially the walls.

Easy Installation:
The Evenflo is easy to install and use.
Here, you’ll not require any screwing or the use of tools or anything.
You’ll simply need to adjust the outer knobs to the right diameter of your opening, before securing the gate in place.


  • Easy to set up
  • Premium construction
  • High force resistance
  • No drilling required


  •  Open one way

4. The Stair Barrier Baby and Pet Gate

The Stair Barrier Baby Gate is best used at the bottom of the stairs to restrict kids to the ground floor.
Easy to use, the Stair Barrier will simply require you to roll the gate to one side and pass through.
The Stair Barrier Baby Gate is highly versatile and will work to serve the interest of both your kids and those of your pets.

The Stair Barrier Baby and Pet Gate: No-Drill Portable Banister to Banister Baby Gates - Safety Gates for Kids or Dogs - Fabric Baby Gate for Stairs with Banisters
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: The baby gate banister to banister design is easy to set up with no drilling required. The baby gate for stairs is ideal for home and travel.
  • BABY & DOG GATE: This safety gate for kids or pets is strong, secure and can’t be pulled down or lifted when installed correctly. The fabric baby gates for stairs with banisters keeps everyone safe around staircases.

The Stair Barrier gate does not lack aesthetics and can easily blend with the décor of your household in such a way that it utterly complements your household.

The Stair Barrier gate is engineered for lightness and portability.
The banister design on this unit is easy to set up, and the portability aspect makes the gate an indispensable part of your household at it allows easy movement from place to place.

The stair gate is built from durable materials like the recycled reprieve fabric.
The material construction is sturdy and has a high resistance force, meaning it can hold up even to the force of the big kids.

The recycled reprieve fabric is not adversely affected by the weather, and this means it can be used both in outdoors as well as in the indoors.
The fabric options on the Stair Gate are recycled products from plastics. This is to mean that the Stair Gate promote sustainability and greenifying of the earth.

The regular fit accommodates spaces from 36 inches to 42 inches, while the wide openings accommodate spaces from 43 inches to 52 inches.

It’s not the highest dimension we’ve come across, but it’ll serve to accommodate the needs of your kid’s
Again, the entire unit has minimized the use of removable parts, meaning your kids cannot dismantle the gate and they’ll have a hard time going over it.

A highly versatile unit, this baby gate is safe for use for toddlers, babies as well as pets (large and small dogs).
The sturdy internal plastic struts alongside the heavy-duty webbing will prevent this stair from getting pulled down or lifted.
Therefore, whether you have a playful kitty or a curious baby, the Stair Barrier will keep them safe.

Easy to Use and Install:
The Stair Barrier can attach to any banister.
So, it doesn’t matter whether you have a fluted, volute, or square banister, the Stair Barrier will work with any type.

Again, you don’t necessarily have to be a professional carpenter because this baby gate comes with an easy-to-use strap and buckle system that can attach to any shape of a banister.


  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight


  •  Sloppy

5. 2019 Babyseater New Retractable Baby Gate 

The 2019 New Retractable Baby Gate is an exciting baby gate that has plenty of desirable features.
Offering a perfect fit, this retractable baby gate is will keep your young ones safe, and it will fit in any of your household spaces.

BABYSEATER Baby Gates for Doorways or Stairs - Retractable Safety Gate for Child, Pets, Dog, Puppy or Cat up to 40 lbs - Extra Large, Mesh, and Flexible Material with EZ Latch - Retracts Up to 48”
  • ✔️YOUR BABY'S SAFETY FIRST Babies or pets have a habit of getting everywhere and anywhere, including those heart-stopping places like the top of the staircase and too close to the gas range. Use the BABYSEATER retractable gate to keep your child or pet (up to 40 lbs.) safely out of harm’s way.
  • ✔️ SINGLE HAND LATCH FEATURE The gate operates with a latch that requires only one hand to open and close.1.Super convenient when carrying your phone, a cup of coffee, groceries or the baby. Super convenient when carrying your phone, a cup of coffee, groceries and the baby on the other hand.

The 2019 New Retractable Baby Gate comes with a generous dimension of 37.5 by 4.4 by 3.2 inches.
Further, this Extra-wide retractable baby gate can extend up to 48 inches.

The adjustability of this unit allows it to be used in various locations including doorways, stairways, and wide door openings.

According to the manufacturer, the dimensions of this baby gate are ideal for kits of ages between 3-24 months, and pets weighing less than 40 pounds.

The overall construction of this baby gate is sturdy and built to last. In particular, we love the touch of aluminium, alongside the strong latches and a mesh that unfurls in the middle.

This Retractable mesh baby gate is easy to operate. The rather large latches will allow smooth operation and allow you to operate this gate with a single hand.

Latch and Lock Features
The 2019 Babyseater comes with a convenient latch and locks feature.
This is a function that promotes safe locking.
This function will require you to push, and then twist to lock, a process that a kid cannot perform.

This baby gate is quite sturdy can match the severities of the outdoors. As such, it will stand up to what Mother Nature throws at it, including rust.

The ability to tolerate any weather inclination makes this baby seater ideal for use, both in the indoors as well the outdoors.


  • Generous capacity
  • 1-inch gap at the bottom to prevent kids from crawling underneath
  • Rust-proof


  •  Requires a level to install the gate

6. BabyDan Guard Me Retractable Safety Gate 

The BabyDan is an innovative baby gate that offers the perfect solution in the tricky small areas

This baby gate fits in 25.4 inches and 35.2 inches across.
The dimension is pretty limited, especially if you have a traditional 36′ door opening.

Here, you’ll need to purchase an extension to extend your reach by 9.4 inches, allowing you to cover 44.6 inches, altogether.
Further, this baby gate can mount to a height of 28”, making it a suitable option for the taller kids.

Though the BabyDan comes with plastic construction, it’s aesthetically pleasing, not to mentions 100% PVC-free.
What this means is the gate is easy to clean, and it will not compromise the safety of your kid.

Highly flexible, this baby gate can be used for condoning off various locations in your household.
It’s retractable, meaning it does not come with bars. Instead, the BabyDan features small folding panels which will neatly tuck away once you open the gate.

The BabyDan meets all the US and European safety standards.
Additionally, this baby gate is constructed from 100% PVC material.
The GuardMe extension, on the other hand, is constructed from wipe-clean plastics.
The plastic construction on this baby gate is safe, and easy to clean, even the most stubborn stains.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Durable


  •  May require an additional purchase of an extension

Best Retractable Baby Gate Buyer Guide

We’ve already covered a lot of ground, and you have an idea of what are some of the best baby Retractable gates for stairs (Top/bottom) in the market.
To help you make a more informed decision on your next purchase, we’ve compiled a baby gate buyer guide below.
First things first, let’s see some of the reasons why you need a baby gate.

Reasons Why You Need a Baby Gate

1. Kids Can Easily Fall Down the Stairs

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, stairs are the most common source of injury to kids.

At a young age, kids are inquisitive and want to explore all the places in the house.
If you leave them unattended, they might explore the stairs, and this is a place you don’t want them to be.
A baby gate, however, will restrain their movements, and keep them in a safe location.

2. Kids Go Everywhere

Besides the stairs, crawling toddlers will want to explore to other locations in your household.

Once you get your eyes off them, they’re off to the washrooms, laundry rooms, the basement or god knows where.

Installing a baby gate in rooms where you don’t want your kids will restrict their movement and keep them away from danger.

3. Peace of Mind

Confining your little one in “safe” zones will not only keep them from danger, but it will give you peace of mind.
You can always be confident that your kid won’t be into any dangerous or life-threatening mischief.

What To Consider Before Purchasing a Retractable Baby Gate

With bewildering options and types to choose from, picking the right baby gate for your toddler can spin your head into confusion.

Luckily, we shall highlight the things you need to consider before making your next purchase.

1. Strength and durability

You do not want a baby gate that will buckle the first time your kid pushes against it. Instead, you would want to have a gate that can stand up to the force of the kids as well as that of pet.
Now, while the mesh/fabric baby Retractable gates for stairs (Top/bottom) are lightweight and portable, we recommend you choose a baby gate made from metal for superior strength and sturdiness.

2. Adjustability

The household doors and spaces come in various dimensions. Therefore, you would want to desist from choosing a fixed baby gate, and instead, opt for a gate that can be easily adjusted to adapt the size of your doors and spaces.

3. Height

Kids are curious, and at times mischievous; they might want to climb over the baby gate to access the other side.
It’s, therefore, necessary that you choose a baby gate with a height sizing feature that will desist then from climbing.
Typically, baby gates measure at least 30 inches high. However, some gates are even taller.
As a rule of thumb, the gate should come up at least to the shoulder of your young one.

4. Presence of a Lock

Many of us usually underestimate the smartness of our kids. In many cases, parents often get surprised to discover their kids can open the gates.
And we can all agree that a gate that a kid can open is pretty useless. Therefore, choose a baby gate with a complex latch system.

5. JPMA Approved

For the ultimate safety, it’s recommended that you choose a product that is JPMA certified.
Products that have gone through the strenuous JPMA certification can hold up to the structural and safety integrity of your little one.

How to Purchase a Baby Gate

If you’re looking to purchase a baby gate, there’re several factors that you need to have at the back of your mind.
Some of these include:

  1. Determine the location you want to block
    When shopping the best retractable baby gate, you might want to consider the location you’re condoning.
    For instance, if you want to isolate a wide opening, you would be better with a large and expandable baby gate.
  2. Measure the Opening
    While some of the baby gates do come with extension, it would be better if you don’t add one.
    To do so, you’ll need to determine the dimensions of the space you want to isolate, and with that figure, you can use it to determine your ideal baby gate.
  3. Style and Design
    While its true safety and functionality should in the front line when purchasing a baby gate, aesthetics are also of the essence.
    Currently, manufacturers have taken their processes a notch higher and are now providing users with good looking options too. So, go and get a baby gate that you think will compliment your home decor too.
  4. The direction of the Door
    If your baby gate is going to be used in a high traffic area, ensure that it’s multi-directional, and can open on both sides.
    However, if you’re shopping for a baby gate for your household needs, a single directional is convenient. Ensure that it opens away from your furniture.


Now you have it.
Which one do you think is the best retractable baby gate and which one will address your needs?
Tell us in the comment section below.

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