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15 Tips for Travelling with a Newborn Baby You Should Know

Tips and Secrets of Traveling around the world with a baby, important things to know when travelling with a newborn

Looking forward to traveling with a newborn baby?

Traveling with a newborn baby is just like any day of parenting, but involves more preparation and a lot more exhaustion.

When you have a newborn, just leaving the house becomes a difficult task as they need to be fed every 3-4 hours or even more frequently and they need nappy changes about 5 times a day.

They sick up and have explosive poos, so need lots of changes, which means you need to wash clothes, etc.

It is easier to travel If you can breastfeed, as otherwise, you would need to clean and sterilize bottles.

Babies will cry a lot so bear this in mind, in trains, planes, and buses. You will be tired through lack of sleep.

Traveling light, well-prepared, and super organized keeps life more chill and ready for anything when traveling with kids.

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What do I need to pack or hire for my baby when we’re going away?

  • Baby wipes are excellent to have on hand- quick cleaning of hands, boogers, makeup… everything. Honest baby wipes are the best I have ever used.
  • If you are booking a holiday and your baby usually sleeps in a cot, do ask for one when you make your reservation.
  • Discovering there is no cot when you arrive at your destination with a tired baby is not a good start to a holiday.
  • If you take along your own travel cot, pack a sheet and your baby’s cover. The familiar smell of your laundry may help settle your baby when you’re away.
  • If you are buying a carrycot for your travel system, consider choosing one that is suitable for overnight sleeping.
  • Not all of them are. It will be easier than taking a travel cot when your baby is small. At home, you can use the carrycot instead of a Moses basket.
  • If your baby wakes when the sun rises, pack a travel blackout blind or blackout curtains. Not all rooms have thick curtains or shutters.
  • If you’re traveling somewhere hot, a baby sun pod will keep your baby shielded from the wind and the sun. Make sure your pushchair has a sun canopy or umbrella, too.
  • You may also want to take a plug-in baby monitor or night-light with you, which is useful for settling your baby back to sleep in an unfamiliar room. You may need a plug adapter, too.
  • Take along a couple of her favorite toys and books. Stacker cups are brilliant as they can double up as bath toys.
  • If your baby likes a bath as part of her evening routine, a universal bath plug is very useful. It will turn a shower into a bath. Or you can put socks over the taps and bathe her in the basin.
  • Along with the above, you will also need to remember all the usual baby supplies, which may include:

Tips for Travelling with a Newborn Baby

  • Nappies
  • Baby wipes
  • Nappy rash cream
  • Changing mat
  • Sunhat and sunscreen
  • Tissues
  • Car seat
  • Bibs
  • First-aid kit
  • Breast pump
  • Travel sterilizer kit
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Bottles
  • Formula milk


  • It’s worth packing a basic first-aid kit with supplies of plasters and infant paracetamol for relieving a fever.

Whether they’re out of routine, jet-lagged, or eating less healthily, kids always seem to get ill on holiday. Dampen the impact of broken nights, frayed temperaments, and fevers by packing an easy-to-swallow medicine such as Calpol.

Other basic ingredients in your first aid kit should include antiseptic wipes, plasters, sting treatment, and a thermometer.

  • If you are traveling overseas or going to an area a long way from shops, you may want to consider taking other items, such as a colic treatment, saline nose drops for stuffy noses, and teething gel.
  • Another tip when you’re organizing your travel is to have a small clutch-type of purse to hold in your bag for your most necessary essentials so it’s easy to grab and find in an instant.
  • Travelling with a Newborn Baby Travelling with a Newborn Baby Travelling with a Newborn Baby


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