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Best Pack N Play | Playards for your Kid

Looking for the Best Pack n’ Play for your Kid?

A Pack N Play or a play yard is an indispensable part of baby’s equipment as it is beneficial in numerous ways, including allowing your baby to move freely and stay entertained, all in the safety of a secured space.

Baby Play yards are not only ideal for creating a safe play zone but can similarly be used as play mats for non-crawling babies.

Depending on your needs, Pack N Plays can be used as Playard, bassinet, changing station, nursery, or even a crib.

With the added benefit of portability, the best Pack N plays are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Though most of Pack N Plays are suitable for use until your kid can climb out of it, the same play yards can later be transformed for alternative uses such as toy storage or whatever your kid’s imagination takes them.

Now, from the basic to deluxe, our best playards review highlights the top 5 playards in the market for kids.

Our selection is also highly rated by the majority of the parents. More importantly, these units are built in line with the guidelines established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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Our Top 6 Best Pack N Plays Reviews

1. Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center – Best Playard for Twins

The Baby Trend Nursery Center is a multifunctional and space-intensive bassinet designed with a special interest for twins.

This nursing center comes with many desirable features that make the unit such popular equipment for parents.

  • Rock-a-Bye
    The two Rock-a-Bye bassinets, each with an individual handle, boost the portability of this unit.
    Rather than dragging the entire play yard, the bassinet will allow you to lift the nursery center and take it whenever you want.
    Though a weighty product (41 pounds), this unit comes with wheels, which further buttresses the portability aspect.
    The wheels will allow you to roll the unit easily and conveniently around the house without breaking a sweat.
  • Changing Station
    The changing station is a welcome addition for the parents, as it allows them to change their baby diapers more conveniently.
  • The changing station further comes with a tray of diapers and wipes, and the entire platform will make changing diapers reasonably quick, and this is quite handy if you’re on the move.Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center - Best Pack n play for Twins playard
  • Play Yard
    Once you kid outgrows the bassinet, the Baby Trend Nursery Center will serve as a play yard.
    While there has been a concern about the play yard’s narrowness, it’s quite a convenient option as it increases the “lifespan” of the Baby Trend Nursery Center.
    Rather than throwing the product after three months, kids can continue to use the Pack N Play as a playground.
  • Mesh Side Walls
    Similar to the best twin bassinet, this unit features mesh sidewalls.
    The meshed wall allows maximum airflow and thus contributing to optimal breathability.
  • Mattress Pad
    Contrary to the traditional mats, the padded mat is firm and comfortable.
    Better yet, the padded mat is washable and can either be wiped down or hand washed.
    Some of the extras we love on this unit include a music player that keeps the baby distracted.
    On the other hand, a vibration feature will soothe restless babies, while the rocking action will keep them calm.

• Portable
• Removable bassinet
• Doubles as a play yard

• Bit expensive.

2. Lotus Travel Crib – Best Travel Portable pack n Play

As its name suggests, the Lotus Travel Crib is a lightweight travel crib that you can take it pretty much everywhere.
A lightweight unit, the Lotus Travel Crib folds up into a compact crib for easy portability.

At first glance, this unit comes with a subdued profile.

The small footprint, lightweight carrying cases, and quick set up design makes many parents not get off their hands from this unit.

Sporting a black color inundated with grey patterns, the Lotus Travel Crib is a candy to the eye.

Zippered Mesh Side DoorLotus Travel Crib - Backpack Portable, Lightweight, Easy to Pack Play-Yard with Comfortable Mattress

The zippered mesh side door makes it easier for your kid to get in the crib.

This is because you don’t have to stretch too much to get your kid in the crib, but rather slide them through the side opening.

Secondly, the zippered door will allow you to open the crib and lie with your kid. While at it, you can rub them gently. This is particularly handy to parents with kids who struggle to fall asleep-they could do a lot with some pampering and cuddling.

Breathable Side Mesh:

No need to worry about your baby struggling to breathe again.

The breathable meshing will improve the airflow in the nursery center, consequently improving the overall breathability.

The mesh is also pretty durable too, and if the reviews are anything to go by, it does not snag and rip, even after frequent use.


The thought of toting around a bulky and heavy crib is not appealing.
The Lotus, however, will easily fold down, giving you the option of moving it around with you, even right onto the plane.


Besides the portability aspect, Lotus Travel Crib is a user-friendly crib.
Setting up this unit is a cinch and will take less than a few minutes.

Both the mattress and the bottom of the Lotus crib rest on the ground, meaning there’s no weight limit to this unit.
Therefore, you can use this unit; even after your kid grows past the 30-pound, which is the standard weight limit for most popular nurseries.


  • Compact and portable
  • No weight limit
  • Easy to set up
  • Zippered side mesh for easy access


  • No diaper changing station

3. BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light – Best pack n play & playard for sleeping

If you’re an avid traveler, you know how travel cots are a nightmare to put up. In most cases, users spend more time setting up the cot which does not offer the much-hyped comfort.

The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light, however, is a game-changer.

This crib is compact and lightweight, making it easy to throw into a car or even carry it to the airport.

Better yet, opening and folding can be done in under a minute, and the crib itself is incredibly comfy.


Design-wise, you’ll love how easy it is to pack the BabyBjorn.

This basic pack and play is packaged in a black compact carrying case with handles, mimicking a big briefcase.

With a compact design and weighing a mere 13 pounds, this unit is lightweight, and you can easily carry it single-handedly.


Foldable units are standard with the travel cot, and the BabyBjorn does not disappoint.

Further underlining its suitability as a travel crib, the BabyBjorn is simple to fold, requiring only three steps.
The cot almost pops up by itself and will provide an easy assembling time.


Once the BabyBjorn is set up, you’ll realize that this unit is genuinely stable unlike other cribs and doesn’t wobble.

Given that the mattress rest on the floor and the frame has a wide base, this unit is spectacularly stable, and you won’t have to worry about your kid toppling.

The breathable mesh is a welcome addition that adds to the breathability and airflow on this unit.

The mesh is also transparent, letting you keep an eye on the kid as they sleep or play.

Though it does not feature a zippered side mesh like the Lotus, the BabyBjorn comes with padded edges around the top rail, making it a lot more comfortable for parents to lean over and soothe their kids.

Easy to Maintain:

Contrary to most of the wipe-down travel cots, BabyBjorn fabrics can be unzipped for washing.
We love the soft and cushy mattress that will keep your baby comfortable and offer enough rest

• Simple set up and takedown
• Lightweight
• Super comfy mattress

• Won’t fit in most suitcases

4. Graco Pack ‘n Play Newborn Napper DLX – Best Pack n Play for NewBorns

Graco has plenty of Pack ‘n Play options, ranging from the deluxe to the no-frill models.

The Graco Pack ‘n Play DLX is a deluxe model, offering a great range of features. This includes a changing station, as well as convenient storage, hamper to hold diapers, wipes, and all the gear you need for your little one.

Grows with Baby:Graco-Pack-‘n-Play-Newborn-Napper-DLX-Playard-Pack-n-Play- Best for-newborn

This terrific model from Graco is designed to grow with your baby.

Graco Pack ‘n Play DLX transitions with your kid as they grow from newborn infants to toddler

For starters, this unit is designed to hold infants up to 3 months, and this comes with a changing station that can accommodate babies up to 30 pounds.

As your kid grows, you can detach the napper as well as the changing table, letting you use the full-size bassinet.
And once the kid overgrows the bassinet, you can use the playpen, which doubles up as a bed when on the go.


The Graco Pack n Play DLX is all about instant access to the things you need and the flexibility of removing things that you don’t.

The muted color palette plus the slim profile on this unit make Graco Pack n Play DLX a suitable option where space is of the essence.

Regarding functionality, this unit comes with a thoughtful canopy that will shield your young one from the bright lights, letting them rest and relax comfortably.

The Playard bassinet offers a safe spot for resting your baby. The bassinet features soft, elevated mattress pads and quilted sides, offering the perfect resting place for your kid.

Playard with Newborn Napper:

The newborn napper o this unit is uniquely styled and comes alongside a soft micro-fleece fabric that is comfortable on your little one’s skin.

The napper is ideal for use for toddlers under three months old and unable to roll over.

Push-Button Fold:

Durability at its best, the Graco Pack ‘n Play DLX comes with a proprietary Graco push-button fold.

This fold lets you close the playard easily, swiftly, and with less of a hassle.

Again, it is convenient for users to pack the entire unit and bring it anywhere they wish.

Quilted Material:

When searching for the best Pack N Play, the baby’s comfort is always the prime priority.

On the Graco Pack ‘n Play DLX, your kid will love the quilted mattress pad.

This pad offers a comfy environment for your little one to take a nap and rest.
It’s just the ideal solution for your kid’s growing needs.


  • Comfy
  • Grows with the baby
  • Durable


  • Napper cushion is not removable, washable

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5. Joovy Room 2 – Best Pack n Play for Twins

Joovy Room 2 is a sturdy and well-built pack and play that features a plethora of desirable components.
An all-in-one nursery, this unit has everything that you need to care for your baby.

As its name suggests, the Joovy Room 2 is roomy, and it offers a generous play space over 10 square feet.

The dimensions of the play space are almost more than 50% of what standard cribs offer.

What we love most about the play space is the presence of a stabilizer on the bottom. This stabilizer ensures that the room is secure and stable.

Additionally, it prevents tilting or tipping as a sturdy steel frame construction further bolsters the entire edifice.

Ease of Use:

Unlike the traditional Pack n Plays, which are often associated with difficulty I opening and closing, the Joovy Room 2 is engineered with simplicity in mind.

Setting up and taking the entire unit is straightforward, and you won’t have to struggle to get things running when on the move.


Though the Joovy Room 2 is often advertised as a Playard, it can double up as a sleeping/resting crib.
This is particularly essential when you are traveling.

This unit’s versatility is further underlined by the large play space and comfy mattress that lets this unit hold two kids comfortably with plenty of space getting left.

Finally, this unit can also be turned into a nursery station, but if you choose to have the nursery add on.


Joovy Room 2 offers 50% more play space than the traditional playards.

The additional space in this unit will similarly translate to a more comfortable space for your kids.

The included mattress pads and sheets on this unit are cushy and soft, allowing your kids to get the best from their rest.


  • Highly versatile
  • Large play space
  • Compact
  • Enough Room for two toddlers.


  • Large size makes for difficult transport

6. Regalo My Play Portable Playard – Best Outdoor Pack n Play

The Regalo My Play Portable Playard is more of a traditional playpen, but with plenty of space for your kids to explore.

Built with sturdiness in mind, this unit has an efficient, secure locking foot bell that keeps everything in one place once it is set up.

Like all the best Pack N Play units, the Regalo My Play Portable Playard folds down easily, making a solid choice for families who don’t want to leave their unit at home.

Safety-Conscious Design:

We mentioned in the intro that the Regalo My Play Portable Playard well-built and sturdy.

This unit is strong enough and will stand up to the determined toddlers’ escape attempts.

Also, the unit is designed from a durable see-through mesh alongside a steel frame construction.
Therefore, your kids are guaranteed maximum air as they play or nap.


For such as spacious Pack N Play, we were quite surprised by the lightness of this unit.

We loved how this unit easily folds up and how neatly it is in the carrying case.

An ideal option when taking for a vacation, the Regalo My Play Portable Playard will fit on your car trunk as well as in the airplane.

Regarding portability, the only gaffe we had with this unit is the absence of wheels, which makes moving the unit around a chore.

The lack of a mattress is yet another downside, as it makes the unit unsuitable for the smaller babies.

• Spacious
• Machine washable
• Safe and secure

• No supportive mattress

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Pack and Play Buying Guide 

Picking the right Pack N play is not easy, though.

However, safety should be absolutely paramount. Besides safety, you should find a unit that is well built and sturdy enough to cope with escape attempts.

Let’s look at some of the critical features you need to look for in a Pack N Play unit.

Factors to consider when purchasing a Playard

What to Look For in a Pack N Play

  • Construction:

Most of the Pack N plays are portable units, and in most cases, you’ll be folding them a lot when traveling or storing them.
As such, you need to ensure that the unit is well constructed.
Ideally, it should feature a robust frame, strong sides, and robust clips.

  • Safety

Safety is critical when buying a Pack N Play.
We recommend that you choose a unit with safety clips, lock-on the wheel as well as sufficient padding on the floor to protect your kid from bumps.
A low center of gravity is critical to prevent the unit from toppling over.

  • Lightweight

Lightness is of the essence, especially if you’ll be traveling a lot.
A light unit will not weigh you down during your movements and is easier to handle.

  • Ease of Use

Look or unit that can be folded easily.
Nothing is worse than trying to set up a Pack N Play while your baby is crying out for attention.

  • Wheels

Besides lightness, wheels are yet another crucial component that bolsters portability.

Wheels are particularly handy if you’re frequently going to move the unit from room to room.

While wheels are less relevant for the large play yards, they can make a huge difference if you intend to keep the baby in the same room as you.

It also means that it will make it a lot easier for you to move the kids without needing to empty the unit.

  • Mattress

While a majority of the Pack N plays have mattresses, the degree of cushioning is what separates these units.
Ideally, we recommend that you look for a playard that comes along with a nice plush mattress.
A cushy mattress will help to keep your young one safe as well as comfy.

  • Extra Features

Accessories are what probably separate the premium Pack N plays for the standard unit.

While some of the accessories are mere luxury features and do not affect the unit’s performance, they offer great convenience to the parent.

Some of the accessories that you should look out for include canopies, mobiles, vibration function, and changing tables.

Benefits of a Baby Sleeping in Pack N Play

You might be wondering what some of the benefits of Pack and Play are.
Here is why you should consider investing in one of these units.

1. Safety

Pack N Plays are currently a subject of Consumer Product Safety, and they’ve been shown to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Rather than baby-proofing your home, you should consider investing in a Pack N Play.
It’s not only safe but also economical.

2. Early Learning

It has been shown that newborns learn through play.
So, the earlier your baby starts to play, the faster they will learn.

The basic Pack N Play comes with a plethora of entertainment and added toys to provide fun to your bundle of joy.

The best Play and Packs are more than a playground for your kid.

They also serve as a safe and suitable environment for night sleeping.

These units also offer additional features such as storage for baby necessities, canopies against the light, changing tables, and much more.

3. Portability

Keeping your kid close to you when playing or sleeping is greatly dependent on the unit’s portability.
And given that a majority of the units are foldable and lightweight, Pack N Plays are surely an inspired option for parents who are always on the move.


There are numerous reasons why you would want to purchase a Pack N Play.
We’ve already outlined the best units in the market, and the ball is now in your hands.
Carefully evaluate the individual options we’ve provided you with, and determine which option will best suit your kids’ needs.

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