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8 Best children’s shoes for wide feet

Looking for the best children's shoes for wide feet? We have compiled a list of 8 best extra wide shoes for your kids that are comfortable.

Looking for the Best Baby shoes for wide feet?

Does your kid complain about their shoes being too small or too tight? Have you noticed that their feet do not fit comfortably in standard-width shoes? Then it’s time to invest in a new pair of Toddler Shoes with a Wide Width.

Wide Toddler Shoes are not always necessary. However, having a pair or two on hand is critical for official events, bad weather, and when the toddler is outside playing in uneven terrain. In these instances, it is critical to have a pair of children’s shoes that will safeguard the child from sliding and injuries.

It is important that the shoes do not constrain the baby’s feet growth, and are versatile enough to be used with a variety of clothing.

Given that the majority of toddlers have wide feet, several brands of children’s shoes offer wide width options. They are stylish and cozy, providing you with peace of mind while maintaining the comfort of your child’s feet.

Do you often struggle to put your baby’s shoes on, and when you do, there are always red marks on his or her feet?

Purchasing the incorrect shoe size for your child’s wide feet can result in a variety of complications. They are not only unpleasant, but can also result in blebs, corns, toenails, and ingrown toenails.

Fret not because we’ve researched for you.

In this post we’ve compiled a comprehensive review of all the best shoes available. Be sure that you’ll find the best Baby Shoes for Wide Feet for your baby.

Let’s dive right in.

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Best Children’s Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

Let’s now have a look at the reviews of the top Toddler Shoes for Wide Feet that you should take into account.

1. Ikiki Squeaky Toddlers’ Shoes

These shoes are the cutest to be developed for kids with thick and wide feet up to date. They have fun characters that invoke interest in putting them on the whole day. They offer a wide range of characters and styles.

These are the ideal shoes for little feet with a bit more girth and they’re just enjoyable! In addition to the fact that these Ikiki shoes are available in very many variations and colors, they also foster good walking habits.

However, this isn’t the only reason for having this shoe on our list; they also surpass most brands in other areas. The soft inner sole provides stability for your kid while the shoes’ breathable material makes the toddler’s feet comfortable.

These Wide Shoes for Toddlers are the best choice if you don’t want your child to get weary after walking. Parents love these shoes as they are stable and comfortable. You’ll barely get any other shoe with the same price and with such provocative features.

Ikiki Squeaky Toddlers’ Shoes For wide Feet
  • Squeaker can be turned on and off with switch on the side of the shoe.
  • Squeaker in heel promotes stepping on the heel rather than toe walking

These Toddler Wide Shoes are compatible with kids who have wider feet as they are roomy and have a wider mouth. They will feel cozy in these shoes and their feet will have sufficient space for more growth. Most importantly, the shoes’ outer sole is made of rubber which is ideal for excellent traction on any terrain.

These shoes will meet the needs of every toddler with wide feet. From performance to ease, every feature makes these shoes the best choice.

The shoes have a squeak that goes off if your child is walking properly in a heel-toe pattern, instead of tip-toeing, which is a wrong walking pattern. Trust me, as soon as they hear the first squeak, they’ll become addicted. You can also turn the squeaker off when you are in public or just need some rest!


  • It’s inexpensive
  • The shoes have a wider toe box
  • The shoe model is attractive
  • Comfortable and easy to use


  • The straps don’t last long

2. K-Swiss Classic VN Kids’ Shoes

The K-Swiss brand has been in existence in the shoe industry for a while trying to take control of shares in the market. It has been difficult for K-Swiss to contend emulously with other shoe brands in the market.
Regardless of this, the brand has managed to unveil a shoe design that has proven to be the Best Kids’ Shoes for Wide Feet.

This Classic toddler shoe’s model and shape are what make it admirable.
This pair of shoes has an all-leather upper that makes it fashionable and attractive. Unlike many other sneakers, these shoes come with a die-cut EVA sock liner. The molded rubber outsole provides great traction and prevents your toddler from sliding on a damp surface.

K-Swiss Classic VN Kids' Shoes
  • Leather/Synthetic Upper
  • Textile Collar Lining

The shoes’ upper toe area offers more space and the upper part of the toe box can protect your kid’s feet against outside objects. People mostly love the grip of this pair of shoes. Numerous models in the market can offer you similar features at a cheaper price. However, if you want shoes that will offer your toddler all kinds of benefits, then grab this pair of shoes right away!

This shoe brand is best suited for parents who have kids with wide feet. When it comes to quality, these shoes top the list of Best Children’s Shoes for Wide Feet.

These shoes are perfect and they are highly recommended for their comfort, support, model and breathability. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this shoe brand. Take a look!


  • This shoe brand is durable
  • They’re easy to use
  • They assist the toddler to maintain balance
  • They are elegant and comfortable


  • A bit costly

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3. Sperry Halyard Kid’s Shoes

Sperry has been the leader in the boat shoe market. They were successful in trying to venture into the children’s shoe industry. They have managed to conquer the market by producing high-quality shoes with advanced and sort after features.

Quality is the essence of this brand. From coziness to elegance, everything in these Extra Wide Toddler Shoes is perfect. The model of Halyard shoes has a touch of sneaker elegance and has a user-friendly strap closure system.

Children can easily adjust the shoes by using the straps on the upper to fasten until they’re satisfied.
Besides, the shoes’ fabric material also improves the look and makes the shoe moisture absorbent. The plump and wide toddlers’ feet will always remain moisture-free and odor-less.

Sperry Halyard Kid's Shoes
  • Canvas boat shoe with two-tone upper featuring dual hook-and-loop straps and heel bumpers

The fact that these shoes come with a Wide Toe Box area and cozy midsole is the primary reason that makes them an ideal gem for toddlers with wide feet. These features allow the toddler’s feet to grow naturally without being confined.

The best thing about this material is durability, which makes the shoes last longer. It doesn’t matter the environment your child plays. This pair of shoes will serve your toddler for a long time.

To top it all, the shoes’ material and make also offer complete flexibility which is the most convenient for the toddler.

4. Saucony Kids’ Baby Jazz

These Extra Wide Shoes are made of leather. The shoes’ upper part has a net that allows breathability into your shoes.

Purchasing Children’s Shoes for Wide Feet can be quite a daunting task for parents. These Baby Shoes For Wide Feet does not create any soreness in your baby’s feet, so your little champ can learn to walk without any pain.

This shoe brand comes in the market with supple and light functions as it can be put on with any dress type. The toddlers feel cozy when walking in these shoes.

This brand, in particular, produces shoes with warm leather and elegant design. There are a variety of colors and sizes available.

Saucony Kids' Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker
  • Low profile sneaker featuring signature wavy overlay at quarter panel and contrasting mesh sock liner
  • Two tone mid sole. Triangular lugs provides traction and flexibility

Your toddler’s feet will not sweat while wearing these shoes. This will eventually prevent bacteria build up in the shoes. Bacteria can cause fungus. The shoes’ breathable material will protect your child from any possible problem. At the same time, the material makes the shoe long-lasting.

Allow your toddler to use the shoes however they want, they cannot tear them down. Just like any other children’s shoes, these shoes have a Velcro fastener. This makes it easier for the child to put on the shoes by themselves without any assistance.

The best thing about these Baby Shoes for Wide Feet is the stability they provide. The shoes will help him/her keep their balance in any condition. For an ideal grip on any type of terrain, these shoes are aligned with a rubber sole.

You shouldn’t doubt the rubber sole when it comes to traction as it’s the only outsole in the toddlers’ class that has kept its name. Several benefits and downsides are mentioned below. Take a look!

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5. See Kai Russell Run

The shoes were designed like sneakers with a double strap on the upper side for comfort. You have to help your toddler wear the shoe first, but as he starts watching things, they can wear the shoes by themselves due to the child-friendly design.

The crucial thing in the design of these Wide Kid’s Shoes is the spacious room in the toe area that allows your toddler’s feet to grow naturally with no constrictions.

The shoes are made of leather and artificial material which increases the shoes’ softness, this is crucial for a toddler who is learning to walk independently. Flexibility, in particular, is the feature that enables the child to wander freely and with strong assurance.

See Kai Run - Boy’s Russell Casual Sneaker
  • Everyday sneaker: The Russell is a sporty sneaker made with lightweight, breathable canvas or denim uppers and accented with racing stripes so your little explorer can go, go, go!
  • Flexible design: A shoe that allows feet to move freely and develop balance; Features a flexible rubber herringbone outsole with a protective toe cap for great traction

It has been noted that these shoes help toddlers learn to walk faster. At the same time, the shoes’ textile and material are sufficiently strong.

To make sure that your child feels cozy, a padded collar has been added to the shoes together with the cozy midsole. These functions work together to cushion your child’s feet. In addition to comfort, these Wide Shoes for Kid are quite stable.

These shoes have a rubber outsole with the Herringbone pattern, which offers excellent traction on any terrain to keep your balance. What else could you ask for? Take a look at the benefits and the downsides of this shoe. Keep reading!


  • They are made using a breathable material that’s light
  • The rubber sole offers excellent traction
  • The two Velcro straps secure the feet comfortably
  • The collar and padded tongue are very cozy


  • They are not Wide Width Shoes. However, they can be put on by most girls with wide feet
  • They are somewhat costly

6. Stride Rite Motion Cameron Soft Sneaker

The shoes you plan to buy for your kid should offer him/her a comfortable environment together with stability and excellent traction. If not, the toddler will not attempt to walk again and will regularly choose to sit in his/her comfort zone.

When searching for stable and cozy shoes for toddlers, you will find very many of them. However, the shoes from Stride Rite Soft top the list of the Best Shoes for Wide Feet. The shoes have a sneaker model which is supplied with simple Velcro rather than the lace design.

Stride Rite Soft Motion Cameron Sneaker
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Hook and loop closure for easy on/off and adjustability

This enables your toddler to use them easily and he/she can also learn how to put them on easily by themselves. The shoes were designed to be soft allowing the toddler to roam freely and explore the house without the feeling of rigidity in their feet.

You’ll be at peace when your kid moves around the house in these shoes. The leather material is preferred as it protects the feet from any external risks. Though the leather that’s used in these shoes doesn’t last long, it’s considered the best choice to improve protection.

The rubber sole fulfills its function optimally by offering your child the best traction. This ensures your child balances on any kind of surface. Regardless of whether it’s on a wet or oily surface, your toddler will be in a position to keep their balance.

The foam sole also offers comfort and support to the child, making it safer. And here are some of the pros and cons of these Shoes for Fat Feet. Let’s jump right in!


  • The Velcro closure makes putting on and removing the shoes easy
  • The shoes maintain freshness due to the Anti-Stink Technology
  • The shoes are durable and can withstand machine wash
  • They are cozy and very stable


For children with extra wide feet, the width may not be wide enough

7. New Balance Children’s 680V5 Hook and Loop Running Shoe

This 680V5 Running shoe is the perfect choice for children who have wide feet. By using light materials, these Best Children’s Shoes for Wide Feet eradicates bulk on the children’s regular sneakers. The materials on the upper part of the shoe are breathable for enhanced comfort.

The shoes have suitable ABZORB crash pad cushions that provide complete feet support to your kids. It’s also supplied with an IMEVA middle sole for better coziness.

But wait…..there’s more! The combination of Velcro will make it simpler for the kids to put them on. Children who are not able to fasten shoelaces can learn so with the Velcro straps. The straps of these shoes are rigid and stay in place even after using them for a long time.

The other useful feature of this pair of shoes is its appearance. The shoe is stylish and can be put on together with numerous outfits. You can also select from a variety of color choices. They don’t get stained quickly like many of the other sneakers.

The combination of leather and the breathable mesh in the upper part of the shoe eradicates smelly feet, even if you put on the shoes for a long time. Unlike many children’s sneakers, these Kids’ Wide Shoes by New Balance has remained true to its size.

The extra-wide version of these pair of shoes is comfortable for children who require shoes that they can put on for a long period without stripping as a result of discomfort. This kid’s 680V5 shoe is a cozy, nice looking shoe. However, it may not endure the test of time if your toddler roughly uses the shoe.

Let’s now take a look at the benefits and disadvantages of this pair of shoes. Keep reading!


  • These shoes from New Balance have a comfortable IMEVA middle sole
  • The shoes’ upper part has a breathable mesh to stop the smell of the feet
  • It has extra cushioning provided by the ABZORB crash pad cushioning
  • These stylish sneakers come in a variety of color choices
  • The Velcro straps are rigid


  • The inner lining color can come into contact with your kid’s socks
  • The toe box may contract with time

8. Crocs Children’s Classic Clog

Here comes the endorsement from the popular brand Crocs, which is well known for the production of the classic clog shoes for the wider market. Besides, clog shoes for adults, they are also renowned in the children’s shoe industry by offering parents several of the best choices of Kids’ Wide Shoes.

Crocs Kids' Classic Clogs
  • CROCS FOR EVERYONE: Just like the adult Classic Crocs, the kids' version offers the same great shoe for youngsters. Easy on and easy off makes these the pair of Crocs kids need
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and FUN: These kids' Crocs are incredibly light, fun to wear and sure to come in your child's favorite color. This is the perfect pair of Crocs for kids when playing in the dirt or running around the playground

Don’t be confounded by the term, “clog” in the shoe name, they aren’t manufactured using wood similar to the traditional clogs. They are only designed as clog but are made of 100% artificial material which makes sure that the kid is comfortable.

In particular, these Best Children’s Shoes for Wide Feet are designed in the clog elegance to offer easy on/off choices that the child requires. The primary reason for using artificial material is to make the shoe not to be heavy. And they have been fruitful in achieving that objective.

When comparing a similar costly model, this is the Lightest Pair of Wide Shoes. While walking in these shoes, they don’t lead to fatigue in your toddlers’ feet as they are light. Also, the artificial material makes them the ideal choice for going out to the beach together with other family members.

It doesn’t matter how long your child will play in the dirt. The shoes regain their appeal immediately after washing with soap and water. In addition to coziness and stability, the larger room in the shoe is what makes it be on this list.

What’s more? These shoes can be adjusted easily to fit any kind of children’s wide feet. Interestingly, they can be found in various colors which the child can choose depending on their favorite color. Get a pair of your child’s preferred color so that he/she can relish these shoes. Now, let’s look at the benefits and the downsides of this pair of shoes. Keep reading!


  • The shoe provides excellent traction
  • It’s spacious
  • The upper part of the shoe is made of 100% artificial material
  • It’s easy to clean the shoe


  • These shoes contract when exposed to direct heat


Best Children’s Shoes for Wide Feet Buying Guide

The body of a toddler requires to be treated differently and to be well taken care of. This is the age at which the child’s body grows and changes the physical formation every month. Among other things, you should be more careful about your toddler’s feet.Best baby shoes wide feet childrens

You need to be careful with the shoes for your child as they can cause some problems for your child in the future if not bought correctly. Shoes can hinder your toddler’s feet natural growth. And this can cause a fungal infection and many more issues. What’s worse than these problems?

The main aim of sharing this information with you is not to make you fear purchasing shoes for your child, but to inform you of the importance of selecting the correct Extra Wide Kids’ Shoes for your child’s wide feet.

However, it’s always advisable to leave your toddler barefoot for as long as possible to make sure that their feet grow naturally without any limitations or hurdles. Nevertheless, we cannot take the child barefooted on a family outing.

When planning to purchase any type of shoe for your toddler, they have to meet a certain criterion. Here, we shall share the criteria that we have created to find the best out of the best shoes for the toddler.

However, all of the shoes we suggest meet the requirements and standards and you can, therefore, purchase without further review. However, if you want to buy the shoe from another location, you should consider these factors so that you can get the best Extra Wide Baby Shoes for your toddler.

That’s why we’ve put together this detailed guide to assist you in finding the best shoes for your kid. Let’s jump right in!

1. The shoes should be easy to use

The toddler’s shoes should be the priority for each parent. Teach them how to put on shoes by themselves. However, at that age, it’s difficult to teach them with the lace-up model.

You should thus choose the Velcro design, which enables quick on/off switching.

Besides, putting on shoes is fun for toddlers as they get used to wearing shoes fast. The best part is that they can adjust their shoes with the upper strap to fit their comfort.

2. Coziness

Ensure you have selected Best Children’s Shoes for Wide Feet that have supportive and cozy midsole to enable your child to practice walking without any feeling of exhaustion on their feet.

In addition to that, if you get a shoe with padded cushioning, then it’s the jewel for you.

3. The shoes’ breathability

This is another crucial feature that children’s Wide Width Sneakers shoes should have. It protects your toddler’s feet from biological problems that arise from sweat and moisture.

The shoes whose upper is made of mesh or leather offer this breathable function.

The breathable material lets the airflow through the shoes to help keep moisture away. For those who may have managed to get a shoe with this material, you will never feel the smell in your toddler’s feet even if they put on the shoes for long hours.

4. The weight of the shoes

To a certain extent, the shoes’ weight also adds to comfort and can lead to diverse walking experiences for the child. The weight of the child’s shoes ought to be lighter so that he/she doesn’t utilize more energy when stepping. However, Extra Wide Boys’ Shoes are heavier than those for little girls.

The toddler cannot feel cozy if the shoes are heavy and will begin feeling weary after walking in heavy shoes for just a short distance. This will eventually extend the child’s learning journey and make it hard. Of course, you’re not punishing your child with heavy shoes. This is the reason why we have added shoes that are lightweight in this list.

5. Grip and Support

Maintaining the child’s balance is not limited to the middle sole only. However, the top-performing midsole indeed distributes the toddler’s weight uniformly. This ultimately gives the child stability. The outsole also affects stability.

You need to find shoes that offer excellent traction on any type of road with the help of the top-performing outsole. The better the traction on the road, the easier it is for the toddler to keep balance.

In particular, when we Converse for Wide Feet, the round rubber outsole shoes are considered the best choice for those looking for stability and grip.

6. The Shoe Size

Most kids have wide feet. Some grow out of wide feet while others have wide feet all their lives. Fortunately, there are numerous brands with wide and extra wide choices for their shoes.

Purchasing the wrong shoe size, for example, something that’s very small or very slender will not only be uncomfortable but can also cause weighty foot problems like blisters and many more.

Although you’ll be tempted to choose the next size up to help eradicate the width issue, it will not. If you purchase a pair of shoes that are wide or extra wide, the kid’s feet will be healthy and cozy.

7. The Shoe Type

Now, there are numerous diverse shoe combinations in the market that you can select for your child. There are Wide Toddler Boys’ Shoes and also shoes for little girls and also shoes with kickers. Kickers are great for wide feet
However, it’s suggested that you choose shoes that have a hard sole and are fully closed. This way, your child will get the support they require to go outdoors. You won’t have to worry about any kind of damage to the attractive little toes of the toddlers.

8. Type of Closure

There are two fundamental formats in which you can get shoes for toddlers. This is concerning the type of closure. You can select either laces or Velcro. Laces are usually for Wide Width Toddler Girls’ Shoes.

You’ll be allured to get your toddler shoes that have laces as they make the kids look beautiful and grown-up. However, there’s one thing to consider; infants can become extremely independent beings, particularly in doing things by themselves.

Unluckily, your toddler can’t tie the laces by themselves. Therefore, you’ll either do it more than 100 times a day or wait for them to attempt doing it.


Getting the right shoes for toddlers isn’t easy. It gets harder when you have to purchase shoes for kids with wide feet. If you want the Best Children’s Shoes for Wide Feet then take into account all of our suggested shoes to ensure safety. The primary purpose of coming up with this guide is to assist you with the entire buying procedure.

We are ultimately convinced that it’s ideal and you can use this guide to get the right toddler shoes for your child. Consider the guide above before you can purchase the shoes. It’s easier to choose the right shoe for toddlers with narrow feet unlike those with wider feet.

In all the shoes that we have checked, there are wide or extra wide shoes. There are also Extra Wide Toddler Boys’ Shoes and others for the little girls. Any of them can be a great option for children with feet that are wider than the standard feet.

The type of shoe that top the list, in my opinion, is the Ikiki Squeaky Kids’ Shoe as it comes in a wide variety of color options and is more durable. It comes with a breathable mesh and the upper part of the shoe is made of leather. They can also fit any type of feet.

It’s our sincere hope that you have enjoyed this guide on Best Children’s Shoes for Wide Feet. We hope you’ll get the perfect shoes for your toddler which they will love. Have fun when shopping for your kid’s shoes!

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